An incredibly simple way to create color palettes based on everyday things.
Snap a picture of colors you want to remember later,
to Create palettes that you can use in projects any time.

Available on the App Store

Simple, Useful Color Palettes

Create palettes based on anything that you can take a picture of. You can collect an unlimited number of them in Palette. Editing or finding the value of a swatch is as simple as tapping on it. The color is displayed in HEX at the top of the screen. If you need more detailed color information, just tap ‘Details.’

Three Different Grid Sizes

You can decide how many color swatches you want to include in your palette. Sometimes you want a lot of colors, somtimes not so much.

Easy to Create, Quick to Share

We have created a really beautiful emailer for sharing with your friends, family, co-workers or even yourself. It provides you with all of your color swatches and their values in HEX, RGB and HSL. Simply tap share and enter their email address. You’re done.

Palette is just 99¢ and is available on the Apple App Store.